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Delivery Of Medicines

When a person other than a pharmacist delivers medicines to a patient or a patient's caregiver, our pharmacists will furnish written instructions, that shall include the patient's details and information regarding the correct use of medicine, and a patient information leaflet (where applicable);

All medicines shall, whenever possible, be delivered to patients at an agreed time or date;

In the absence of an adult (i.e. a person above 14 years old as defined by the Medicines Act) or another person entitled by law to receive the medicine, our delivery personnel shall retain and store under appropriate conditions until delivery can be affected or be returned to the pharmacy where rearranged time shall be agreed upon with the respective customer.

No medicines shall be left in the post boxes and door steps of the delivery address.

Upon completion of delivery, where you, the patients/customer is satisfied with your delivered order, you shall be requested to sign off the delivery note accompanying your medicines which shall be added onto your records with us.

By Law of the republic of South Africa, where a pharmacist(s) or delivery personnel is required by the patient or caregiver to transport a medicine to a patient, the transport costs according the South Africa Revenue Services (SARS) travelling reimbursement table as published from time to time is charged.