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Terms of Sale

Sale of all our products on digipharm.store is subject to the Medicines & Related Substances Act 101 of 1965 of the Republic of South Africa.

By purchasing any product from this online store you agree to the all of the following terms:  

1. That we may request more information about specifically how you intend to use the medicine we supply you; 

2. You will only use products from Digi Pharm Store within the borders of the Republic of South Africa; 

3. That you will not hold Digi Pharm or any of it's associates, vendors or partners liable for any loss or injury related to the use of any product supplied to you by Digi Pharm Store;

4. At the discretion of our registered pharmacist, we may refuse to supply you with any medication ordered;

5. You consent to the use of any of our products, and have been given proper advice related to your specific product by one of the Digi Pharm registered pharmacists.